CommunityAlert is a revolutionary notification system.

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FAQ - Notification System

How will CommunityAlert Help?

Cut costs and save paper from messages going out. You are able to send text and picture messages, as well as emails to members notifying them of anything happening. This makes the organization “instantly connected” to their members. Whether it’s day-to-day events or an emergency, CommunityAlert will contact members quickly and efficiently. In addition to the ability to notify members, CommunityAlert provides a way for the organization to raise money by enlisting local sponsors through the eNewsletter.

What is CommunityAlert?

It is a web-based messaging system that allows organizations to be instantly connected to their members. You can send out text messages and emails to members on anything, including a picnic, other events or reminders, and in case of an emergency. With this system you are able to create groups for all levels throughout the organization to send specific messages. It is easy to navigate throughout the website and messaging is instantaneous.

How do I register for CommunityAlert?

To register, go to and click Login in the upper right. Since you are probably new, click New User to register. Fill out all of the required information and click Submit. A temporary password will be sent to the email you provided and you are able to sign in for the first time.

What are the requirements for CommunityAlert?

The only requirement is that you have an active internet connection to the computer you want to run CommunityAlert on, the system is completely web-based.

How do I get reports?

To create a report you will need to enter the dates for which you want the report to run for, then export and either open or save it. You will need Microsoft Excel in order to view your report.

What is necessary from members?

Members should provide their email address, cell phone number, and carrier information. If they do not want to provide certain information then they are able to provide either their email or cell phone information.

What is the format and specifications for doing a bulk upload of contacts?

All contact information must be saved in a .csv file format with correctly labeled headers, and all fields filled in. The headers are FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, CELL PHONE, CELL PROVIDER, EMAIL.

If you have any other questions not listed above, please call us at 800-890-1000 or 727-577-4646