CommunityAlert is a revolutionary notification system.

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CommunityAlert eNewsletter

Ident-A-Kid also provides your members with an award winning weekly eNewsletter
Your organization's members will also benefit from an award winning eNewsletter focused on family activites and personal tips. This weekly newsletter is sponsored by local businesses who contribute just $20 per month to have their business featured. Additionally, your members can take advantage of special offers and discounts. Every year, your organization earns up to $2,000 or more!

What is the CommunityAlert eNewsletter?
The CommunityAlert eNewsletter is a weekly email that is sent to members. The topics focus on family activities and personal tips. The eNewsletter is designed to inspire member involvement. In addition to the articles, the eNewsletters enables organizations to raise money by offering sponsor positions to local businesses.

CommunityAlert eNewsletter
• Emailed weekly to members
• Contains helpful and fun family and personal tips
• Helps the organization to raise money